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Someone just asked me: What  would you do to close the achievement gap?

 I said:

I would do the same thing I always do with all people. I would have real conversations about subjects that matter. I would ask the students what they think and I would be interested in their answers.

 Julie Neitz Wielga

Partners in Literacy is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to creating communities of readers in schools.  We are experts and can help you be experts in:

  • Coordinating Reading Volunteers.

    We believe that sharing reading is a deep and broad learning experience for the student and the volunteer.   We know that students build confidence, maintain focus, broaden interests, increase  vocabulary, become more fluent, comprehend more fully  and remember longer when they share reading. We know that volunteers return year after year to be able to share with their “buddy”  as the student grows both in intellectual capacity and in years.

  • Creating  Classroom or School  Libraries.  

      Schools often have lots of books.   It is not enough to have books. The books have to be organized in a way that librarians, reading specialists,teachers and students can very quickly put their hands on just the right book.  Building a library is a creative endeavor curated for the needs of the staff and students in each classroom or school.  In these days Dewey Decimal is  often not the answer. We have developed a draft of a library assessment tool for your use.

  • Knowing the Best Book for Students  at Each Stage of their  Reading Path.  

    We would like to be able to help you choose the right books for your classroom or school library or student.  Every child is a reader.

  • We Offer Used Books to Schools in Need at No  Cost in the Denver area.