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Friends Forever

Friends Forever

We are our best reading selves as children. Children have intensity, time and imagination.  Schools must do their best to support children to connect with books.  Schools must do their best to support school libraries.


Reading Library Assessment

While most schools and administrators are responding to  pressures to have students perform  well on state required tests and to align the curriculum with the common core, libraries have received very little attention or  direction.  This allows school librarians, families, parent associations, and administrations a great deal of creative freedom to make the library the space that is just good for kids and families.  Kids are so attracted to reading and talking about books, that  if you build a welcoming room full of resources, kids  and parents will come. With very small funds and with very little structure a library can be a refuge. The person who runs the elementary library should not be the person who is best at technology. It should be your reading teacher who loves books and cannot wait to pass that love on to students.

Many school districts and schools have lost their vision of the importance of school libraries. Children need to have a chance to enjoy stories, absorb written culture, and interact with others constructively around texts. Humans are  storytelling animals. That has not changed ; nor will it ever change.  Books are a first class medium for enjoying stories. They are cheap. portable, and easily  shared. Relationships around books are deep and long lasting. We like technology- but for children, we start with  books with pages.

Please download our assessment of a Reading Library and score your library.  Please contact us with comments and/or questions. We would love to know what are the strong elements of your school library.

Partners in Literacy Library Assessment Template 2015

Building and Maintaining a Library is a Creative Endeavor.

To see our home library click here: The Angela Aspromonte Bookroom/Library at the Odyssey School

 Book lists and recommendations

Favorite classics to read to  your children before they can  read themselves. ( coming soon)

Picture Books with Latina and Latino characters (coming soon)

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Young Adult Book Series list

Free Quality Books for schools in the Denver Area

We accept quality lightly-used children’s books. We sort and clean these books. They are available for free to schools in t he Denver area.  If you are interested, email Julie@partnersinliteracy or give us a call at 303-316-3944 ext. 241 and tell us your book needs.

Past Library Makeovers

  • Library Make Overs:
    • Monaco Elementary Commerce, City  2012 to present
    • Maxwell Elementary Denver, Co 2015